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FeatureD podcasts

Stefan Christoff hosts Free City Radio on CKUT, broadcasting every Wednesday, 11am at 90.3fm in Montreal. 

Free City Radio explores ideas at the intersection of social activism and the arts..

Listen to a series of interviews recorded, produced and created in collaboration with the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute.


Jennifer Moore from Mining Watch Canada

Jennifer Moore, Latin America Program Coordinator at Mining Watch Canada, part of a series of interviews recorded for broadcast on Free City Radio on CKUT fm in collaboration with the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute


Dr. manuel Rozenthal - Canada's contemporary corporate colonialism in Latin America

Manuel Rozenthal who is a medical doctor & remains active in social activist movements in Toronto who are working to challenge corporate argiculture, injustices on the work place and generally for social justice.


GRahame Russell - Rights Action on Canada's role in Honduran coup

Grahame Russell from Rights Action speaking on the overt and also indirect role that Canada played in supporting the coup in Honduras.


Nikolas Barry-Shaw -  Canada's colonial role in Haiti

Writer, researcher and activist Nikolas Barry-Shaw speaking about Canada's colonial role in Haiti.


Dawn Paley - colonial Canada's actions in Latin America

Writer and academic Dawn Paley speakinga bout Canada's Action in Latin America.


Sakura Saunders - environmental & climate justice vs. Canadian mining around the world

Researcher and activist Sakura Saunders speaking on a long trajectory of Canadian mining companies practicing destructive practices all around the global south.